How to pick the right thread for your bag

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Everything you need to know about sewing thread at a glance. What threads are best for what fabrics and project types, and how is thread weight (or thickness) rated.

[UPDATE – sadly the lady who ran the SewMamaSew website retired and took down the entire website, including this helpful article. It’s such a shame  🙁  We are sorry if you arrived here to be disappointed but sometimes things like this happen on external websites which are outside of our control.]

If you are lucky enough to live close to a really good sewing store, then you’ll no doubt be aware that there is a dazzling array of threads you can choose from. Not only are they available in a rainbow of colors, but also in differing thickness, and fibers. All intended for different fabrics or applications.

Check out this Thread Infographic created by Deanna from Sew McCool. Everything you need to know about thread at a glance. Pin it to your sewing tips board so you can always have a handy reminder on thread weights etc. It can be confusing that sometimes heavier thread is a larger number, sometimes it’s rated with a smaller number – depending on the system used!

Article no longer available