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How to make roomy pockets for your bags

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How to make roomy pockets for your bags

Most bag patterns already come with suggestions for internal pockets to make, but this is one area of the bag where you can go to town and really customize it to exactly what you need.

Remember, any bag sewing pattern (or any sewing pattern for that matter) is only a suggestion. You can always change up many elements of the pattern to make it right for you. Change the length of the strap, add piping, use different fabrics, add interesting hardware etc. But the pockets inside the bag are where you can really customize it so that the bag carries and sorts things exactly as you need.

How to make roomy pockets for your bags

Got more to carry or want to have things with more volume in your bag, such as carrying shampoo and shower gel bottles in a gym bag? I did just that with a bag I sewed for the gym, even adding a custom pocket to store my headphones, as well as the bottles.

Or have a bag you want to adapt into a diaper bag with all the bits moms need to carry around? Then a flat pocket isn’t going to work so well. Deep roomy pockets work perfectly for diaper bags.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how you can create roomy 3D pockets for the inside of your bags. You can even create padded pockets for tech items too. A great tutorial and a really good way to create perfect custom pockets for your perfect bags.

The Roomy 3D pockets tutorial

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