Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

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Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

This is the Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch FREE sewing tutorial from the designer Charise Creates.

Sometimes the designer picks the perfect fabric for their sewing project and this is one of those times. She chose this adorable Flurry mini charm pack and doesn’t it just look perfect?

As the name suggests this Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch has fifteen patches of fabric on each of its sides so all you have to do is pick the perfect fabric and get making!

This is a perfect project to make yourself this lovely Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch or why not make one or two as a great gift item. When giving them away you can even fill them with extra goodies for that special someone.

The designer says that if you don’t have a charm pack, any cute little 2½” squares will do. You can also use any panel of fabric that is 6½” by 10½” if you want to forego the patchwork.

Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch FREE sewing tutorial

Sizing info:
When you have finished making your very own Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch it will measure approximately 5″ tall by 10″ wide.

What’s needed to make a Fifteen Patch Zipper Pouch:-

  • Thirty 2½” squares assorted print fabric (the designer says a mini charm pack works well). Or two 6½” by 10½” fabric rectangles if you want to skip the patchwork,
  • 1¼ yard of lining fabric,
  • ¼ yard of muslin or solid cotton,
  • ¼ yard of batting,
  • Zipper Foot,
  • One 9″ or longer coil zipper or a metal zipper that measures 9″ from the top of the zipper head to the zipper stop,
  • A zipper pull (optional),
  • ½” by 3″ long ribbon,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

All seam allowances are ¼”.

If you would like to download the FREE tutorial you can click on the purple button below.

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