Dillan Lunch Bag sewing pattern (with video)

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Dillan Lunch Bag sewing pattern (with video)

This is the Dillan Lunch Bag pdf sewing pattern from the designer I Think Sew Bags.

The Dillan Lunch Bag is essential for school, work, or simply a myriad of daily uses. You don’t need to sew this bag and only use it to carry your lunch. This style of bag works in the home too for craft storage, cosmetics, makeup and toilettries, and any other small things you need to store neatly.

Unisex design – the designer made this pattern for men, women, and children alike! Just pick the right fabrics to suit the bag’s user. How about some fishing or sports fabric for your guy, or some cartoon or themed fabrics for the kids. Or use a smart quilted fabric for the outside and sew a luxury version for your skincare products and cosmetics.

Its large zipper opening means the Dillan Lunch Bag can store large bottles or containers with ease. If you decide to make the lining with waterproof fabric then this makes it more durable protecting everything from accidental spills and leaks.

Due to its spacious interior and many pocket spaces, it can fit all your lunch and snacks with no struggle. The Dillan Lunch Bag was intended for young students, but because of its modern design, it can be used in your office too!

Skill level:
When you have finished making your very own Dillan Lunch Bag it will measure approximately 9½” wide by 7¼” high by 6” deep.

Video tutorial available:
Jessica Oklaroots describes on YouTube the Dillan Lunch Bag as The Best Lunch Bag Pattern. If you would like to watch her 1-hour 21-minute YouTube video then just click on the play button below.

When you download this pdf pattern it includes the following:

  • A list of what you need.
  • A written tutorial describes each step detailed with pictures.
  • There are computer-drawn accurate actual size patterns.
  • Letter/A4 paper, are both available.
  • Instructions on how to make the bias binding.
  • Instructions on how to make the adjustable strap.
  • Instructions on how to assemble the insulation foam.

If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the blue button below.