Custom Tote Bag pattern generator (2 styles)

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Designing your own tote bag sewing pattern has never been easier. This revolutionary pattern generator is unlike any other tote bag pattern you’ve used. The custom tote bag designer means you never need to buy another tote bag sewing pattern.

Want a bag that’s tall rather than wide – we got you. Want a really long bag so you can fit a yoga mat in the bottom – we got you. Want a huge beach tote with long handles – we got you. Want to make a tiny festive tote that will exactly fit a little gift box to hang on the tree – we got you on that too.

Whatever size tote bag you want to create, the custom pattern generator will give you a visual template and set of measurements to cut your fabric to exactly the right size. No printing needed.

Enter your desired height, width and length, choose your handle drop and seam allowance. The calculator does all the rest for you, displaying your pattern template and cutting dimensions right there on the screen.

There are TWO designs of tote bag pattern

One is a SIMPLE design where the whole outside of the bag is a single fabric. Ideal for a quick sew, a plain tote bag, a grocery bag, or a small gift bag. You may pick different fabrics for your outer, lining and handles.

The second design is a split outer fabric where the base of the bag and a section of the outer fabric at the bottom is a different fabric from the top section. This is the SPLIT design as seen below. It’s possible to customize this to have your split seam at any point on the face of the bag. 

This split design is ideal to use for a more sturdy tote bag with a hardwearing vinyl base and pretty fabric above, or for mixing a solid fabric with a print.

What’s included with the pattern generator

  • Getting started guide,
  • Step by step instructions for how to save your own copy of the files,
  • All future changes and updates,
  • Two pattern generators – for the simple and split tote bags,
  • Works with inches or centimetres (or any other measurement you might want to use),
  • Basic step-by-step sewing instructions for both styles.

Skill level:
Basic computer skills are required to use the generator. Suitable for a beginner sewer who has sewn a simple tote bag before and understands basic construction techniques such as boxing the corners. You should know how to measure and cut a straight line in woven fabric.

Materials needed for your tote bag:

What you will need for the custom pattern generator
These worksheets are designed to work with Google Sheets which is free to use. If you have Excel or another spreadsheet program you may download the worksheet as an Excel-compatible file to use offline. All other users will copy the worksheet to their own Google accounts to have their own copy to work on.

Details of how to do this and how to use the worksheet are included. Don’t worry, it’s been through testing and is easy to use.

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing a web-based pattern generator and instructions. This is neither a finished product nor a downloadable .pdf pattern file. Please download instructions immediately after purchase and click the links in the instructions to save your own copy of the worksheets. 3rd-party tutorials on how to use this generator are not allowed without permission.

A gallery of bags so far

Enjoy a gallery of some of the bags sewn by our testers using the custom pattern generator to make their own perfect custom tote bag designs. A huge Thank You to all the lovely ladies who tried this out and gave us feedback so we could make it better. We hope YOU will all come and share your custom bags in our Facebook sewing chat group too.

So grab your own copy, and start designing with either the Simple or the Split custom tote bag. Now your bags will be just the right size and shape, every time.

This custom tote bag generator was created by Deby at Sew Simple Bags and is sold under licence by Sew Modern Bags.