Zipper accent bucket purse – free

People have been stopping me in the street to ask where I bought this bag - the are amazed when I tell them I made it myself from a free sewing pattern.  The zipper accents make this bag look amazing.We were so surprised when we came across this great bag pattern. Usually you’ll see the same bags keep cropping up from time to time and get familiar with them, but here’s one we only found recently even though it was originally published back in 2013.

Great style and design never goes out of fashion and this simple bucket bag is packed full of eye-catching features that will make this bag really stand out in a crowd.  The metal zipper accents really pack some punch, but if you don’t like the look of the flowers, then just adding them in as the trim on the top of the bag works well too.  People will be stopping you in the street to ask where you bought this one!
To make the zipper accent bucket bag you will need:

Find the free pattern for the Zipper Accent Bucket Bag