Upcycle an old book into a smart bag – FREE sewing tutorial

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Ingenious idea for how to make a bg from an old book cover. I like this one more than some of the others, because you can use any old book for this, and cover it in fabric to get the style you want. No tearing up beautiful old books, just the ugly ones!

There was a trend a short time ago of taking the most beautiful old book covers, tearing out the pages and turning them into bags.  Mixed reactions here to that.  We love to keep those beautiful books intact.  Better on the shelves where they can be admired.

This tutorial is a bit different.  You don’t need a really gorgeous book cover with tooling, printing or embellishments.  For this book turned bag, any old (and nasty) book cover will do, and even if it’s badly damaged or discolored it can still be used.  In that case, we feel Ok about this, because it really is upcycling something that otherwise might find its way into the trash.

Here’s a way to take a nasty old book cover and use it to make a smart new and interesting bag.  You can cover the outside of the book too, using decoupage or fabric.  We think this would look great with a closing strap too, perhaps with a magnetic snap.  What do you think?

Find the tutorial here

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