If you have published a new bag pattern or tutorial, or even a tutorial on a particular bag-making skill, we’d love to take a look and consider sharing it with our readers.  You can make it really easy for us to share by completing all of the information into the form below.  That automatically creates a new article we can publish on the site with just a few clicks.

To make the article the best it can possibly be, here are our submission guidelines:

  1. Your article title should be the name of your bag/pattern/tutorial or something appropriate for what you are sharing.
  2. The URL should be the URL of the page where the pattern can be bought or downloaded.
  3. The post content will be used as the text for your article so please don’t just write the name of the pattern or just a few words and then expect us to write the article for you.  Tell us some of the features, how easy/hard it is to sew, give finished measurements and even a list of the required materials and hardware.  Make readers want to click through or buy your pattern!
  4. Send us a single image that really showcases your design.  This image will be used on Pinterest to drive more traffic so make it in a good format for Pinterest, tall rather than wide.  To fit the theme of the site, images should be at least 620 px wide and no more than 1500px wide or tall.

We don’t guarantee to include all submissions so if you aren’t accepted first time, please do come back again and let us know about your next great pattern and tutorial. Thank you.

The Sew Modern Bags team

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