Otis Sling Bag sewing pattern (with video)

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Otis Sling Bag sewing pattern (with video)

This is the Otis Sling Bag pdf sewing pattern from the designer I Think Sew Bags.

The designer describes her Otis Sling Bag as a casual and trendy design that is perfect for everyday use. This piece is specially designed for travel purposes, such as biking, hiking, jogging, and more! Due to its compact yet roomy figure it can fit your basic needs with ease.

She adds that unlike many of her previous sling bags, the front pocket includes a zipper pocket that is used as the cover of the bag, making it an ideal anti-theft bag for any journey! A pouch is added around the chest area for you to keep your phone. It’s recommended to use dark brown materials for a great natural look.

Otis Sling Bag sewing pattern (with video)

Sizing info:
When you have finished making your own Otis Sling Bag it will measure approximately 7½” wide by 13″ high by 3″ deep.

Video Tutorials:
The designer has made 5 separate video tutorials on her YouTube channel showing you how to make this excellent Sling Bag. You can watch each of the videos by clicking on the play buttons below.

Video One – Materials:

Video Two – Assemble the front cover.

Video three – Assemble the front.

Video four – Assemble the back.

Video five – Making the Phone Packet.

When you purchase the pdf pattern it will include the following:

  1. What you need.
  2. Describes each step detailed with pictures.
  3. Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns.
  4. Letter/A4 paper, both available.
  5. Make the leather strap.
  6. Attaching the ladder lock buckle strap.
  7. Webbing adjustable strap instruction.
  8. Bias binding instruction.
  9. Assemble the eyelet.
Otis Sling Bag sewing pattern (with video)

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.