FREE patterns to sew with Laminated Fabrics

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Splash Fabrics laminated fabrics

Have you ever sewn with laminated fabrics? Now these very words might conjour up images of strangely plastic 1950’s table cloths from your granny’s house, or a waxy kind of oil cloth, but the modern laminated fabrics are a far cry from that, and a joy to work with. Their hardwearing and waterproof nature makes them ideal for bag making.

We suggest trying some of the modern laminated cotton fabrics – we love Splash Fabrics. It’s truly magical stuff that’s lightyears ahead of oilcloth but offers that same colorful and quirky vibe. Splash Fabrics are a small business where they design their own unique range of colorful and quirky fabrics that are 100% cotton with a water-based polyurethane coating. Their environmentally friendly laminated cottons are super soft, very easy to work with, water-resistant and unlike traditional vinyl it’s food-safe.

Reasons to work with laminated cotton:

  • Ecofriendly and Biodegradable
  • Food Safe – ideal for sewing grocery tote bags
  • Consumer Healthy
  • Pliable and buttery soft – easy to sew
  • High heat resistance
  • While a quick wipe cleans the fabric right up, it’s also machine washable

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Now you know the benefits of sewing with laminated fabrics why not give it a go with one, two, or three of the following Splash Fabrics free sewing patterns:

(1) Beach Bag / Getaway Bag:

Beach Bag Getaway Bag FREE sewing pattern

This simple bag is easy to make and a sweet carry-all for all your getaways. The designer says it’s like the giant blue IKEA bag but better and prettier! It has two sets of handles because two are better than one – shorter hand-carrying handles and longer straps for the shoulder.

This bag is simple, functional, and just perfect. You can use it for so many things like travel, going to the beach, going camping, storing bedding, going on a boat, traveling, storing toys, moving, and many more uses.

The Beach Bag / Getaway Bag has the following features:

  • 26″ wide by 16″ tall by 10″ deep,
  • Two types of handles – 10″ and 28″,
  • Strong,
  • Lightweight,
  • Over the shoulder handles,
  • Short handles
  • Actually fits SEVEN beach towels.

What’s needed to make a Beach Bag / Getaway Bag:

Click HERE to get the free sewing pattern and tutorial for the Beach Bag / Getaway Bag.

(2) Zippy Tote Bag:

Zippy Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern

The Zippy Tote Bag is the perfect bag for any adventure. You’ll want this bag if you knit or craft, have kids, travel, go to the beach or games of any sort, or carry things to and from work or school!

When you have finished making a Zippy Tote bag it will measure approximately 17” wide by 13” tall and will expand to 17” tall.

What’s needed to make a Zippy Tote bag:

  • Fabric – two prints ½ yard of each – Splash Fabric’s laminated cotton fabric is perfect,
  • 36″ 1 side of #5 coil zipper tape and one #5 zipper pull. The designer uses black,
  • 3 yards of 1½” – 2” seatbelt strap,
  • 1 yard of 1″ webbing / binding tape,
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

Click HERE to get the free sewing pattern and tutorial for the Zippy Tote Bag.

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(3) Small Lined Stand-up Pouch (3 sizes):

Small Lined Stand-up Pouch FREE sewing pattern (3 sizes)

These pouches are perfect for school supplies, essential oils, make-up, art stuff, loose cords. This cute, waterproof pouch zips it all in. If you knit or craft, this is the bag you want for the special stoppers, bobbers and snippers.

When you have finished making a Small Lined Stand-up Pouch it will measure approximately:

  • Small = 8″ wide by 3″ high by 3″ deep.
  • Medium = 9½” wide by 4″ high by 3½” deep.
  • Large = 11″ wide by 4½” high by 4″ deep.

What’s needed to make a Small Lined Stand-up Pouch:

  • Fabric – two pieces of fabric the size of 8.5″ by 11″ printer paper. The designer says that Splash Fabric laminated cotton fabric is perfect and if you pick a fabric with a 1-way print, you should be sure to sew images upright on the front,
  • 18″ of 1 side of #5 coil zipper tape, and one #5 zipper pull. The designer uses black,
  • 3″ black webbing. The designer uses ¾” nylon. It can be wider, narrower, cotton (or whatever you have),
  • One 1″ back plastic ring. (You can also use any clip or key hook you can find),
  • 24″ binding tape. The designer uses 1″ binding tape (optional).
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine.

Click HERE to get the free sewing pattern and tutorial for the Small Lined Stand-up Pouch.

For all of these patterns and others it is important to note that prolonged exposure to UV rays will harm these fabrics just like it does for all laminated fabrics. Prolonged direct sun will discolor the fabric, like any cotton.

Should your bags need a clean, you should wipe the fabric clean with a damp cloth and scrub stains on the back side. Machine washing on warm is okay, you must hang dry and iron on a low setting.