Fold and Go Market Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial

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Fold and Go Market bag FREE pattern and tutorial

If you want to reduce the amount of plastic that you use, then why not get this FREE pattern & tutorial on how to make this Fold And Go Market Bag.

Fold and Go Market bag - FREE pattern & tutorial

Using reusable bags for grocery shopping is such a good idea. These bags can hold a great deal of weight without breaking as plastic bags can. However, these fabric made shopping bags can be a bit big, clumsy and annoying to carry around. That’s why this little bag comes in handy. It’s lightweight and folds up to fit easily into your purse. It’s roomy enough to hold quite a bit of shopping, and if you want to shop a lot then make yourself one, two or three or more.

Fold and Go Market bag FREE pattern and tutorial

What you will need to make the Fold & Go Market Bag:-


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