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Bedside pocket organizer – free

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Tutorial for bedside pockets. This organiser can be sewn any size and is handy for so many people. I've made one for my grandmother in her care home.

Is this strictly a ‘bag’? We couldn’t be sure but loved it so much and thought you would want to see it even if it’s not strictly a bag. Maybe it’s a bag for a bed? Allows the bed to keep itself organised and keep all the essentials on hand, and look smart.

Whether it’s officially a bag or not, this hanging bed organizer with pockets is ideal for so many people.

  • For the kids to keep their toys and books to hand and off the floor.
  • For the elderly and sick to keep tissues, books, medications, reading glasses, the phone etc, all close at hand.
  • For the hubby or partner to keep his fishing magazines or whatever else he reads in bed
  • And just for you if you have stuff that needs organizing. Do you ever wake up at night, or sit upright just before dropping off to sleep because you just remembered something? Rest easy and get a good night’s sleep by keeping a notepad and pen on hand – jot it down and forget it.

You will need:

Find the tutorial here