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Seam rippers 8 pack

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We never want to have to use one, but at least have one on hand. This 8 pack means you always have one sharp.


Seam rippers seem to be one area where it’s a necessary evil. No one wants to unpick a seam, but better to do it right than leave it wrong. Having tried seam rippers of all sorts and all budgets, they all get blunt over time so it seems buying a multi-pack of the more affordable basic rippers is the best way to make sure you always have a sharp one.

  • The Seam Rippers Size: Small are 3.5″ in length, the large are 5.5″.
  • The Complete Seam Rippers: The seam cutter comes with a clear cap, can protect your hand when you carry it.
  • The Craft Seam Rippers Material: Made of good quality metal and plastic, they are sharp, And a red round mini ball at the end of the smaller fork for protecting your fabric.ound mini ball at the end of the smaller fork for protecting your fabric.
  • Large Thread Unpicker Design: with a long flat handle, easy and comfortable to grip; The large thread unpicker can do the unpicking seams job very quickly and easily.
  • Application: The seam ripper is good for ripping out seams and stitches without damaging the fabric, remove the clothing tags, etc.

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