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Heat erasable pen set

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A set of heat erasable fabric marking pens including the all-important white pen for marking dark fabrics. Carry case and refills included.


These heat erase pens are a must-have for quilting, or general sewing.
Just draw your design or pattern markings on your fabric, sew over it, and when you are done, use an iron to erase the pen lines. Works perfectly, ink disappears as you iron. The white one is amazing on dark fabrics. Draw using the white pen, wait a brief second for it to appear.

  • 4 COLOR Ink meet your various colors of fabrics. Perfect to markup/write/design anything you like on a fabric.
  • High performance ink,Easily erase with ironing. A quick touch of the heat iron and the marks are gone.
  • When you use the white pen, there is a delay, in a couple minutes, it shows up.
  • Additional 8 Free Refills. 2 refills of each ink color. (White, Black, Red, Blue)
  • Package includes: 4 Heat Erasable Fabric Pens with 8 Free Refills in a Plastic Pen Box

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