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Folk Art Factory mini bundle (5 patterns)

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The Folk Art Factory 5 pattern bundle, available at a special discounted price (20% off!).


A special offer from The Folk Art Factory, their mini bundle of 5 sewing patterns, comprising;

This mini bundle includes:

Barcelona Backpack

You NEED a great backpack. It is actually vital! It has to have plenty of pocket options and it doesn’t need to be too big – you are not walking the Appalachian Trail (well I am guessing here but I feel pretty safe in the assumption). More likely you are grabbing something as you race out the door and you need to trust that it will get you through the day. Or you are doing a walk around your city and you want to tote your lunch plus a few essentials. This is the backpack that you need. It is not too large but it has everything and it is easy to use. Let’s totally DO this!

Mayfair Business Bag

No one wants to invoke the yuppie demons of the 1980s – you know the ones, the go-getters who always had a black leather briefcase in their hand. A bit like the Queen’s famous handbags but with a house brick sized mobile inside.

But what if we need to take a laptop somewhere or tote some papers to a meeting? Well we can lay the big hair, car phones and shoulder pads permanently to rest and make something a little less aggressive!

Enter the Mayfair – the briefcase update. You can use this just as you would a classic briefcase – laptop, papers and important ‘I must not forget these’ documents can all be safely carried. It fits a lot inside but takes up almost no room at all. And not a Dynasty cast member in sight! Bliss.

York Zip-up Tote

This great Shopping Tote zips up to almost nothing and then fits into your handbag. This fun-to-make bag has a little zipper pocket for trolley tokens or coins. Keep one in the glove compartment in the car for when you run into the shops on the way home from work.

Arizona Roll Top Backpack

Backpacks are an important part of our bag ‘wardrobe’ and the hot-right-now favorite is the roll-top model. You cannot go anywhere online without bumping into one.

The designer loves this straightforward-to-make, roomy bag because it is at home on the city streets or the trail for a day out. It has handy pockets inside to keep your things organized and plenty of space left over for other daily essentials.

Arizona is sure to become a perennial favorite. Just the thing for a more stylish morning commute.

Berlin Round Bag

The designer loves round things. She is not exactly sure why but lighthouses and very old windmills draw my attention and so do round windows. So it was only a matter of time before she came up with a round bag. She shows you the niftiest drafting trick ever to get the round shape and this pattern is backed up with a couple of detailed blog posts so that you can see how the top gusset zipper is created and also (due to popular demand) how the bound lining is created.

This bag features some pockets and a fully adjustable strap with a buckle – it is about as trendy as it gets. So Berlin!

Please note this is a digital download PDF file, not a paper sewing pattern. Please download immediately after check out.


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